Guidance for consumers on Cyclone Gabrielle

While businesses are free to set their own prices, there has been some public concern about price increases on goods and services at this time. If you feel you’re being asked to pay too much Report price increases on Price Watch — Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Most prices are fixed in New Zealand. You can try to negotiate, but the seller can say no.

Before you try to negotiate

There are no hard and fast rules about when you can or can't negotiate a price. You can ask, but it's up to the retailer or service provider to decide if they will consider a lower price.

Do your research before trying to negotiate. Make sure you know:

  • what you want to buy
  • how much other retailers sell it for
  • how much you are willing to pay.

If you negotiate a lower price, check this won't have any impact on the goods or services you are receiving, or any contracts or warranties.

Your rights

There is no legal requirement for retailers and service providers to negotiate. Some will, others will not.

The usual consumer laws apply, even if you have paid less than the marked price.

Consumer laws