Consumer Protection was established in 2015 after the Ministry of Consumer Affairs became part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. 

We inform and educate New Zealanders about the process of buying – what to know and do before, during and after purchasing a product or service. That includes outlining your consumer rights, tips for making smart purchase decisions, and how to confidently deal with things if they go wrong.

To do this, we sit alongside other important agencies in the consumer protection area, including those who make the laws and regulations, enforce fair trading, and help to resolve disputes.

That means you have everything you need to know to be confident. We bring it together, and help you make sense of it all.

Consumer Protection also works with those agencies to deliver a market system that protects both buyers and sellers, and encourages fair and positive trading. We influence laws and regulations, help shape systems and processes, and work together to inform consumers. We develop shared initiatives and programmes, and collectively create and use data and market knowledge.

Ultimately, we help consumers to be knowledgeable, protected and empowered – to be confident.