The purpose of these resources is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to enable them to be informed and confident consumers. This supports the New Zealand Curriculum’s vision for young people to be informed decision-makers who can actively contribute to the social and economic well-being of New Zealand. 

Introduction to school resources Interim photo

Introduction to Consumer Protection school resources

An introduction to the Consumer Protection school resources.

Year 4-6 resources

Year 4-6 school resources

Students will explore their role, rights and responsibilities as a consumer.   See Year 4-6 resources

Year 7-8 resources

Year 7-8 school resources

Students will examine and describe the factors that influence people’s purchasing decisions. See Year 7-8 resources

Year 9 10 resources

Year 9-10 school resources

Students will recognise that purchasing goods or services involves a contract with terms and conditions. They will outline the steps they can take to remedy a dispute with a retailer. See Year 9-10 resources

Year 11 school resource

Year 11 school resources

This NCEA Level 1 resource requires students to conduct an inquiry into a government agency of their choice to report on how it works to promote social justice for New Zealand consumers. See Year 11 resources

Year 12 school resource

Year 12 school resources

This NCEA Level 2 resource requires students to prepare a report that comprehensively describes a social action taken by organisations, groups and/or individuals to make Country of Origin Labelling compulsory on single-ingredient food items. See Year 12 resources