From faulty fridges to missed deliveries, The Consumer Guarantees Act means you can act if things go wrong.

When things go wrong, the Consumer Guarantees Act makes it right

From faulty fridges to missed deliveries, The Consumer Guarantees Act means you can act if things go wrong.

The Consumer Guarantees Act sets minimum guarantees for all products and services bought from businesses in New Zealand for consumer use.

It allows you to seek repairs, replacements, or refunds when guarantees are not met.

The top 5 guarantees

All products sold by businesses should be:

1. Acceptable quality

2. Fit for a particular purpose

3. Matched with the description

4. Reasonably priced

5. Delivered on time and in good condition

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Ask for a repair, replacement or refund

  • Minor problem? , The supplier can choose whether to give a repair or replacement.

  • Major Problem? You can refuse a repair and request a replacement or refund.

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Top tips to make it right

  1. Collect your paperwork – proof of purchase , instructions for use, photos of damage etc
  2. Give a detailed explanation of the problem – when , where and what happened
  3. Ask for what you want to happen – a repair, replacement or refund
  4. Don’t delay, contact the business straight away

You should always contact the business you purchased from first, it is their responsibility to put things right or follow up with their suppliers.

A business/seller must not tell you that the Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply or get you to sign a contract saying so.

Find out if the Consumer Guarantees Act applies to your problem

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Common consumer questions about the Consumer Guarantees Act

The Consumer Guarantees Act is one consumer law, but there are other consumer laws that may cover your issue. 

Other consumer laws and rules

More help

You can visit our website for more information and education about the process of buying – what to know and do before, during and after purchasing a product or service. That includes outlining your consumer rights, tips for making smart purchase decisions, and how to confidently deal with things if they go wrong.

You can also get help from Citizens Advice Bureau or Community Law Centres who can advise you on your consumer guarantees, obligations, and the resolution process.

A CAB near you(external link)  – Citizens Advice Bureau

Our law centres(external link)  – Community Law Centres

If you still can’t agree on a solution with a business, you can use disputes bodies, the Disputes Tribunal, or the district court to resolve your problem. Disputes bodies are free to access, whereas the Disputes Tribunal may charge a fee. The value of your claim may determine your option.

Take your complaint further

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