• Returns, refunds and repairs

    You have the right to ask for a repair, replacement or refund (remedies) for products and services, but you may not always be entitled to these remedies.
  • Building, trades and utilities

    When you hire a tradesperson or sign up to a utility provider for personal, domestic or household services, you have the same consumer rights as for other services.
  • Contracts, quotes and estimates

    Find out the difference between contracts, quotes and estimates, and how to protect yourself from taking on too much risk – such as extra costs or poor-quality service.
  • Shopping and buying

    Before you buy something you need to know your rights and do your research.
  • Cars and motoring

    Your legal rights if you buy a vehicle privately, or from a dealer or registered motor vehicle trader.
  • Credit, banking and finance

    To make an informed choice and to avoid a dispute with your lender, you need to know your rights as a borrower.
  • Scams and online safety

    Find out about staying safe and secure online, protecting personal information, dealing with cyberbullying and spam, avoiding scams and identity theft both online and offline.
  • Product safety and consumer information

    What to do about unsafe or recalled products, and your legal rights including consumer information that must be provided to you for certain products.