Buy with confidence. Know your consumer rights.

If you’re finding times tough right now, you might be thinking of doing things differently to save some cash or earn a little extra?

By knowing your rights and buying smart you can avoid costly mistakes. So before you buy that cheaper coat online, cancel a service or choose a new way to pay, take a minute to learn about your rights.

Because when things are already tight and every dollar spent is precious, making expensive mistakes is the last thing you need.

 checklist button12 top tips for confident consumers

Some handy tips to help protect your consumer rights and save you money.

Good to know before you buy!

Consumer Protection provides information and guidance on your rights and what you need to know and do before, during and after purchasing a product or service. By understanding your rights you’ll have the power to resolve issues and avoid costly mistakes.

Bought a poor quality or faulty item?

What to do when something doesn’t work, breaks easily, is unsafe or doesn’t do what you expected it to.

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The hidden costs of ways to pay

Banks, lenders and retailers offer a lot of different deals to get you to use their services or buy their products. These types of deals generally have additional fees and charges.

Cancelling a contract – what to expect

Generally, once you make a contract or accept a quote, you can’t change or cancel it without the other side agreeing. There are some exceptions.

Buying second-hand

When you buy something privately, you have fewer rights than when you buy something from a business. There are things you can do before you buy to reduce your risks.

Late deliveries and damaged items

If you ordered products and the retailer arranged delivery, they are responsible for delivery under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Women holds up jeans at shop counter

Got a problem? Know your rights.