Twelve top tips for confident consumers

Some handy tips to help protect your consumer rights and save you money

Camera1. Keep receipts

Take a photo of your purchase receipts and file them away in your phone in case you need proof of purchase later.

tow truck2. Don't DIY

If your purchase breaks or is faulty take it back to the place you bought it straight away. Don’t get anyone else to try to fix it first.

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percentage sign3. Compare prices

Research and compare prices even if the item is “on sale”. The price you pay elsewhere may still be cheaper.

magnifying glass4. Check the details

Carefully read the full description of products sold online. Check that the size, materials and user guide is right for the purpose you are buying it for.

shopping cart5. Take a photo

If an item you’ve bought arrives damaged, take a photo of the packaging before you open it. It could make it easier to discuss a remedy with the seller.

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shirt on hanger6. Follow care instructions

Always read care and safety instructions carefully. If you haven’t followed instructions you may not be able return it if things go wrong.

speech boxes7. Always ask for advice

Check with the retailer that the item you’re purchasing will do the job you need it for. If you then find that it does not work as described, you should seek a remedy based on it not being “fit for purpose”.

contract or sales agreement page8. Compare warranties

Extended warranties can give you extra peace of mind. But before you sign up, check the benefits of it against the Consumer Guarantees Act to make sure it’s worth the extra expense. Find out more information:

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timer clock9. Act fast

Tell the service provider or retailer about an issue as soon as you find it. If you wait too long you might lose the right to a remedy.

Delivery box10. Delivery delays

Retailers must sort out delivery problems with orders. Ask them to follow up if the delay is longer than expected or the package is damaged on arrival.

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laptop11. Check currency

The web address “” does NOT guarantee it’s a New Zealand business. If you’re buying from overseas sites be sure the price is in New Zealand dollars.

currencies12. Use credit cards online

Consider paying by credit card. If the product doesn’t arrive, ask your bank for a chargeback. You may be able to get your money back.

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