Follow the usual complaints process by phone or email if there's an issue with something bought in, or from, New Zealand.

New Zealand consumer rights

When you buy anything in New Zealand, you are protected by our consumer laws — whether you were here physically or bought it online.

There are minimum guarantees that apply to all products and services. So you are entitled to seek a repair, refund or replacement for anything that does not do what it should, or is not represented fairly.

Consumer laws

Buying goods and services in New Zealand(external link) — Commerce Commission

If you bought a product or service in New Zealand that did not meet your expectations and you're now overseas, follow these steps:

1. Contact the retailer or provider

Before pursuing a formal complaint, contact the company you bought the item or service from. You might be able to resolve the issue with a single phone call or email. If not, find out what their process is for lodging a formal complaint.

Making a complaint

2. Prepare and send your complaint

Document all the information about your purchase and the issues you've had with it — make sure you have all the information you can get before you send the complaint in. Include a timeframe you expect to hear back within — but factor in delays if you're sending your complaint by post.

Making a complaint

3. If you're not happy with the outcome

If you don't get a resolution you're happy with, you can contact the relevant disputes body, or seek mediation, which you might be able to do by phone.

Take your complaint further