• Consumer laws

    Laws that protect you when buying from, or sharing your information with, businesses selling in…
  • Ways to buy and pay

    What to consider when buying online and in person — plus different payment methods.
  • Guide to buying smart

    Making good decisions — about signing contracts, getting quotes, claiming on warranties and more.
  • Common consumer issues

    How to handle common problems with products, services, or the people who sell them.
  • Consumer Rights Finder

    If you need help when things go wrong, use this simple tool to check your…
  • How to complain

    Steps to take if you have an issue with an NZ product or service.
  • Scamwatch

    How to recognise, avoid, and act against scams, protect personal information, and prevent identity theft…
  • COVID-19

    Information impacting consumers during the current COVID-19 settings in New Zealand.
  • Impacts of extreme weather events – Information for consumers

    Natural disasters can put strain on both businesses and consumers. They may cause delays, cancellations,…