Following WorkSafe prohibition notice on Serene S2068 wall mounted bathroom heaters, MBIE has worked with suppliers to recall this product from the New Zealand market.

This applies to all units imported, sold, or installed since June 2018.

More information about this recall and the retailers who are working with MBIE:

Serene S2068 Bathroom Heater. Originally published February 2024(external link) — Product Safety New Zealand

The hazard

Serene S2068 heaters have a manufacturing defect. There have been 17 reported fire events associated with these heaters.
There is a significant risk of people being seriously harmed and property being damaged.

What are my rights around unsafe products?

The Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) guarantees that products must be of acceptable quality, including safe to use. Where a product is unsafe – or doesn't meet mandatory product safety requirements – you have the right to return it to the business who you purchased it from for a refund, repair, or replacement.

These rights apply regardless of whether the retailer has issued a voluntary recall.

More information about your rights under the CGA:

Consumer Guarantees Act

Check if this heater is in your home

The prohibited S2068 heater is described as:

  • Wall mounted fan heater with step-down thermostat with pull-cord on-off switch, for fixed-wired installation in bathrooms and similar locations
  • Mirror polished stainless steel metal shell with die cast grille OR White shell with die cast grille
  • Dimensions: 300 mm wide, 210 mm high and 110 mm deep.  

Serene S2068 Bathroom Heater. Originally published February 2024(external link) — Product Safety New Zealand

What you should do if you have a Serene bathroom heater in your home or rental property

Check to see if you have an affected heater with model number S2068. If you do, stop using it immediately.

Consumers can contact the business to return the goods under the Consumer Guarantees Act and ask the supplier they purchased it from for a safe replacement (if available) or a refund.

If the heater has been installed by fixed wiring, consumers can also require the supplier to arrange for its removal by an electrician.

If consumers can’t identify the supplier, they will have to arrange an electrician to remove this heater at their own cost.

If the heater is plugged into the wall, consumers can switch off the electricity, unplug, and remove the heater.

Please ensure that all units are safely disposed of so they cannot be reused or resold.

If you are a tenant of a rental property, discuss a course of action with your landlord.

Are there other Serene models affected?

Energy Safety have also issued notices on two other models.

  • They have prohibited sale, installation, and importation of Serene S207T wall mounted bathroom heaters. This prohibition applies to all units imported, sold, or installed since January 2018.
  • Serene S2069 wall mounted bathroom heaters imported, purchased, or installed after June 2018 have had their approval withdrawn. This confirms they cannot be legally sold in New Zealand.

Although Energy Safety have not declared these two models to be unsafe, they advise there is a low risk from continued use. If consumers observe an unusual smell or noise from the heater, do not use it and contact an electrical worker to check it over. You can also report the incident to WorkSafe for further investigation.

Notification of a non-workplace event(external link) — WorkSafe New Zealand

If you have a S2069 or S207T installed in your home and are concerned, you can also contact the supplier to seek a remedy under the CGA. Some suppliers have also undertaken a voluntary recall of these heaters. You can also find out more on the Product Safety New Zealand website:

Serene S207T Bathroom Heater(external link) — Product Safety New Zealand
Serene S2069 Bathroom Heater(external link) — Product Safety New Zealand

More help

We recommend that you first contact the business you purchased the heater from to agree a course of action and appropriate remedy.

If you have questions about your rights or need help to get a fair deal we suggest you contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or use this website to learn about your next steps to resolve your issue.