Listen to this audio clip that outlines your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Understanding your consumer rights — English audio and transcript

When you buy something or pay for a service, there are laws to protect your rights as a consumer.

This means there are certain things you can expect. The Consumer Guarantees Act protects your rights when you buy something from a business in trade, like a shop, or hire someone to carry out a service, like building or catering.

You have many consumer rights, but some are particularly good to be aware of. When you pay for products and services, you can expect them to be safe, of acceptable quality, and free of defects. You can also expect them to be fit for purpose. This means what you paid for needs to do what it’s designed to do — so a kettle should boil water, and a roof should keep the rain out.

If you pay for something that doesn’t work, breaks too easily, or doesn’t do what it is expected to do, you’re entitled to a repair, exchange or sometimes a refund, from the seller or service provider.

The Consumer Guarantees Act only protects you when you buy from businesses in trade in New Zealand — not when you buy something from a private seller or from overseas.

If there’s a problem with something you buy, or a service you pay for, remember there are laws to look after your consumer rights.

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