Guidance for consumers on extreme weather events

While businesses are free to set their own prices, there has been some public concern about price increases on goods and services at this time. If you feel you’re being asked to pay too much Report price increases on Price Watch — Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

  • Before you buy

    Find the right electronic appliance or device: consider quality, features, budget, energy efficiency and safety.
  • Your rights compared

    Extended warranties generally aren't needed for electronics because manufacturers' warranties and consumer laws protect you.
  • Product life, maintenance and care

    How long appliances may last and extending their lifespan — including cleaning, safety and repairs.
  • Faulty appliances and devices

    Inspection fees, postage for returns, expired warranties — how to handle common problems if electronic…
  • Store extras and buying on credit

    Deliveries, set-up costs, interest, insurance — add up the costs when buying appliances and devices.