Accredited Persons and Trading Standards Officers can check that your weighing and measuring equipment is accurate and complies with the law.

Visits by Accredited Persons

Under the Weights and Measures Act (as amended in 1991) Accredited Persons can:

  • verify new or repaired equipment
  • certify and issue certificates of accuracy for equipment already in use.

They may charge for this work.

Accredited Persons must explain the intended purpose of their visit. They should also explain that their services are optional and that you can decline their offer to have your weighing or measuring equipment verified or certified.

They do not have any powers of entry and may remain on your premises only at your discretion.

Random inspections by Trading Standards Officers

Trading Standards Officers will conduct random inspections of equipment. They do not charge for these visits. You may ask to see a Trading Standards Officer's certificate of appointment. It contains a summary of the Trading Standards Officer's powers.

On request the Trading Standards Officer can also verify new or repaired equipment or issue certificates of accuracy for equipment already in use. However, this work will be charged for to recover the cost of time and actual expenses.

Health and Safety at Work Act - Shared Duties and Expectations

In administering the Weights and Measures Act, the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)’s Trading Standards Officers are required to work with Accredited Persons at sites that are typically managed and controlled by a third party.

We created a document that provides some of MBIE’s expectations in relation to the appropriate management of health and safety in circumstances where an MBIE Trading Standards Officer (TSO), an Accredited Person (AP) and third party businesses carry out work at the same workplace.

These expectations are primarily for the information of Accredited Persons, third party site operators and TSOs. They are also for the information of anyone else who encounters or interacts with a TSO in the performance of their duties.

You can download the Health and Safety at Work Act - Shared Duties and Expectations document here. [PDF, 351 KB]