Silage is traded by dry measure. The measuring process records the weight of each individual truckload harvested (wet weight), and also taking representative samples for analysis from trucks and silage stacks in order to determine the dry matter percentage of those samples.

Under the Weights and Measures Act 1987 when goods are bought and sold by quantity, that quantity must be correct. The Act also provides that any weighing or measuring instrument used to make that determination must be approved and verified as required under the Act.

Equipment for weighing silage

If you are a buyer or seller of maize silage, you should ensure that the equipment used to determine the quantity of the product is approved and verified. If you have any doubts contact Trading Standards.

Trading Standards has approved various novel types of weighing systems that can be used in the silage trading industry.

Check the approvals database for details of approved devices.

If you would like to discuss getting some weighing equipment approved please contact our Approvals Officer on 0508 627 774.

The criteria for approving weighing equipment for trade use involves testing the equipment to ensure in meets a variety of technical performance requirements. The equipment may also have conditions imposed to ensure that when it is in use it does not facilitate fraud.

Once a type of weighing equipment has been approved each piece of equipment of that type must still undergo verification testing to ensure it meets the requirements of the approval certificate and is accurate and suitable for its intended purpose.

Trading Standards has worked with industry representatives such as Federated Farmers and contractor representatives to ensure that silage sales are conducted using only approved and verified weighing equipment.