What does this mean for business?

The unsafe goods notice does not require mandatory testing but self declaration from a supplier that the chainsaw has a chain brake that will meet the performance requirements of ISO 6535:2008.

Chainsaws which have been tested to an older version of the standard may be covered by a statement of compliance. However, it is recommended that the chainsaw is tested to the current standard as ISO 6535:1991 and ISO 6535:1983 have been withdrawn.

Although they are prohibited from sale, Chainsaws without a chain brake may still be used by their owners, if they wish.

Service agents may still repair them at the request of their customers. However, chainsaws without a chain brake cannot be offered for sale or supplied to anyone else. The Ministry strongly advises that they are disposed of and that anyone owning these products should upgrade to a machine which has a chain brake.

Electric powered chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are also required to comply with AS/NZS 60745.2.13:2006 under the Electricity Regulations 1997.

If an electric chainsaw complies with AS/NZS 60745.2.13:2006, it will also comply with ISO 6535:2008. Therefore, the notice does not affect the supply of electric chainsaws