Trading Standards (within Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) encourages consumers to report unsafe products. If we don't know about it, we cannot do anything about it.

Most of Trading Standard's information about unsafe products comes from consumers, so do let us know about any safety issues, injuries, or near misses you know about. We also monitor overseas information and recalls and are in contact with our counterpart regulators. Trading Standards can also initiate its own investigations, or conduct market surveys of specific products.

How to report an unsafe product to Trading Standards

To report a potentially unsafe product you can:

Report an unsafe proudct / safety incident.

Tel: 0508 627 774

International Clients: 00 64 3 962 2580

Will Trading Standards investigate my issue?

Trading Standards works with limited resources and must establish priorities so as to focus on those situations of most risk. To help us do this we run a risk assessment on each incident. We ask: 

  • What is the maximum potential injury?
  • What are the chances of this happening?
  • Will the user be able to see that there is a risk of injury?
  • Who and how many are likely to use the product? 

Trading Standards cannot undertake an investigation into every complaint.

Where the risk of injury is low, or the potential injury is minor, we may bring it to the attention of the supplier, or may not take it further at that stage. All complaints are entered into a database however, and where there is a pattern of complaints we consider whether to take some action.

Where the risk of injury is high, or there is potential for severe injury, Trading Standards will conduct an investigation into the product.

What Trading Standards doesn't investigate and who can help

Trading Standards does not investigate complaints about products that fall within the legislation administered by other government departments. We will refer such complaints to the relevant agency.

Complaints about the following classes of goods should be made to, and are referred to as follows: