Trading Standards is an operational unit in the Consumer Protection and Standards branch of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). We are responsible for protecting New Zealand consumers. We have five work areas Trade Measurement, Consumer Product Safety, Fuel Quality Monitoring, Auctioneers Registration, and Motor Vehicle Traders Register. Below is a bit of detail about the five areas.

Ensuring businesses are aware of and comply with weighing and measuring laws (trade measurement or legal metrology)

Trading Standards administers and enforces the Weights and Measures Act. We: 

  • carry out spot checks of weighing and measuring equipment
  • check the weight of packaged goods
  • investigate complaints from the public. 

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Ensuring consumer products are safe and used safely

Trading Standards ensures safe goods are supplied in the market and consumers use them safely. We regulate the safety of a wide range of consumer products, excluding food, medicines, energy or vehicle products (which are handled by other government agencies). The team can: 

  • investigate unsafe products
  • suggest modifications to make a product safe
  • request that unsafe products be removed from sale
  • give advice to companies recalling unsafe products
  • help develop self-regulation options.
  • Where circumstances require this, the Minister of Consumer Affairs can:
  • recall unsafe products
  • ban an unsafe product
  • make mandatory standards. 

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Monitoring and ensuring retail fuel complies with regulations

Trading Standards monitors the quality of retail fuel in New Zealand and ensures it complies with the Engine Fuel Specifications Regulations. We:

  • sample and test fuel sold at fuel stations
  • investigate consumer and business complaints.

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Registering Auctioneers

The Auctioneers Act has resulted in a simpler registration system and provides for a public register of auctioneers.investigate unsafe products. We:

  • Register and maintain the records of Auctioneers.

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Ensuring Motor Vehicle Traders are registered

The Motor Vehicle Traders Register (MVTR) holds essential information about registered traders and their business. You can register and maintain your registration online. You can also search the register for registered traders along with banned traders. We:

  • Register and maintain the records of Motor Vehicle Traders.
  • Investigation complaints in relation to the Motor Vehicles Sales Act.

Read more about Trading Standards' Motor Vehicle Traders register.(external link)


Compliance Strategy

We created a document to articulate our role as an operational unit within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), and how we work to deliver on the high-level MBIE goal to “grow New Zealand for all”.

The document has been developed for, and defines, our core audience – those that we regulate – and our regulatory partners, which have a vested interest in our functions. It clearly articulates the regulatory tools we have available and our overall approach to compliance.

Click here to download and read the Compliance Strategy.  [PDF, 798 KB]