The next steps to take if you are unable to resolve an issue with an engineer.

Who do I go to?

Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ)(external link) for advice and to make a complaints about a registered engineer.

Chartered Professional Engineers Council (CPEC)(external link) if you are unhappy with the decision made by IPENZ.

The Disputes Tribunal or the District Court(external link) to make a claim if you are unable to resolve the complaint.

The Commerce Commission(external link) if you wish to report a business for false or misleading statements or conduct. 

The Privacy Commissioner(external link) if you believe an engineer has interfered with your privacy.

What kind of problems do they handle?

IPENZ deals with complaints about registered engineers and anyone who unlawfully claims to be an engineer but is not registered as one. 

Complaints about engineers can include:

  • breaching the engineers’ Code of Ethics
  • negligence or incompetence
  • misrepresenting something or misleading you.

The IPENZ professional Code of Ethics(external link) sets minimum standards of professional conduct and ethics that registered architects must meet.

CPEC hears appeals against IPENZ’s decisions on complaints if you’re unhappy with the outcome or the disciplinary action taken as a result of the complaint.

IPENZ may decide not to handle a complaint because it relates to a licensed building practitioner under the Building Act. They must refer the complaint to the Registrar of Licensed Building Practitioners(external link).

What do I need to do?

What else do I need to consider?

Making a complaint is free to you.

You cannot seek compensation through IPENZ for any loss resulting from an architect’s, engineer’s or surveyor’s actions or omissions.

The Disputes Tribunal considers claims up to $15,000 ($20,000 if both both parties agree). The District Court considers claims of more than $15,000.

Where can I get more information?

Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ)

Provides information on professional standards for engineers and the complaints process.

Visit the website(external link)
Phone: 04 474 8986

Chartered Professional Engineers Council (CPEC)

Provides information about its role as a statutory body and the process for appeals against IPENZ rulings.

Visit the website(external link)

Registrar of Licensed Building Practitioners

Provides information on the licensing process, finding a licensed practitioner and making a complaint. 

Visit the website(external link)
Phone: 0800 60 60 50

The Disputes Tribunal

The Ministry of Justice website provides information on the Tribunal and how to apply.

Visit the website(external link)

District Court

Information about your local District Court can be found on the District Courts of New Zealand website.

Visit the website(external link)

Office of the Privacy Commissioner

Provides information on the Privacy Act and how to make complaints about breaches of the Act.

Visit the website(external link)
Phone: 0800 803 909