A leap of trust

A bungy jumper in New Zealand can trust that – along with the thrill – their experience will be safe. That is because the operator is certified to a standard that defines a quality assurance system for all areas of bungy operations.

Although they are probably not thinking about it, New Zealanders’ lives are affected every day by standards and standardisation. Every day ‘invisible’ standards solutions help keep New Zealand homes, public buildings, playgrounds, electrical appliances, and health services safe.

They also protect people and our environment, and increase innovation, productivity, and trade. They are an intrinsic part of our local and global economies.

World Standards Day

On Friday, 14 October national standards bodies, and international standards organisations such as ISO and IEC, everywhere including our own Standards New Zealand, will be celebrating World Standards Day.

Celebrating our volunteers

World Standards Day pays tribute to the thousands of men and women all over the world who voluntarily develop standards for the advancement and welfare of societies. It also provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on the benefits that standards bring to our everyday lives, the market economy, and to the smooth running of public affairs.

Standards build trust

This year’s theme is ‘standards build trust’. A product or service conforming to an international or national standard is imbued with a trusted symbol of quality, safety, or compatibility.

There is more information on World Standards Day, downloadable posters, and examples of standards that may surprise you on the Standards New Zealand website(external link)