Some websites are cleverly designed to appear legitimate, but a few easy checks can uncover a different story.

Scammers can quickly set up websites that use familiar logos and colours that act as ‘phishing’ sites, designed to lure in unsuspecting targets for scamming. A site discovered recently claims to offer technical support to people locked out of their Gmail accounts, and at first appears to run by Google and be based in New Zealand.

The website uses Gmail and Google branding to appear legitimate, despite the website having no real connection with the company at all on closer inspection. A small disclaimer at the bottom of the site warns users ‘we do not have any relation with Google’ and logos used on the website are ‘only for reference’.

There are a few signs you can be looking out for to help you spot sites run by scammers:

  • The site text is full of spelling mistakes and poor grammar
  • The website address is slightly different to the real company’s website address

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