Scammers pretending to be senior executives are targeting victims with offers of fake jobs in their New Zealand companies.

The scammer will make contact using email, phone or place a job ad on an employment website. They will offer a well-paid job based solely on your experience, or following a basic interview by phone.

The job will commonly include information that is not typical in New Zealand such as:

  • A monthly salary (NZ salaries are given as annual figures)
  • An amount in New Zealand dollars after tax (NZ salary figures are given as before tax)
  • Hours of work per day (NZ employers specify hours per week)
  • NZ Embassy contact details (not usually provided on NZ job listings)
  • Once you accept the job, you will be required to complete ‘visa application forms’ and be directed to your nearest ‘New Zealand Embassy’ – both of which are also fake, and part of the scammer’s process to appear legitimate.

You will then be asked to pay ‘visa processing fees’ and other application related costs. This money goes directly to the scammer.

If you have received an offer of a job in New Zealand that seems too good to be true, make sure you:

  • Research the company making the offer
    Google the company’s website and check the address using Google Street view
  • Call the New Zealand number provided
    In many cases the scammers use software that mimics New Zealand phone numbers to appear real. Call the number to check – if there is no dial tone, it may be a scam
  • Contact the New Zealand company directly
    If it appears that the company does exist, verify the job offer by using the phone number listed on Google, and ask to speak with the person that has made you the offer.

If you think you have been offered a fake job, report the scam to Netsafe(external link) .