Consumer Protection began their first TV campaign this week.

Two 30-second segments, hosted by Carly Flynn and titled ‘Good to Know’ will be airing on TVNZ throughout November and early December.

The two ‘Good to Know’ segments aim to inform viewers on aspects of the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) and shopping safely online. The segments emphasise that “it’s good to know your consumer rights”.

The first ‘Good to Know’ segment focusses on consumers’ rights after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Under the CGA, products are expected to last a reasonable amount of time without faults or failings. Consumers have consumer rights even if the warranty has expired, as long as the item was used and cared for as expected.

It’s good to know your rights on faulty products(external link) — YouTube

The second ‘Good to Know’ segment focusses on online shopping, advising consumers that it pays to check who you’re buying from online as not all reviews are genuine and a dot NZ site doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a local business. Consumers are informed that under the CGA their consumer rights still apply if the seller is based overseas, but it can be harder to enforce these rights.

It’s good to know how to shop safely online(external link) — YouTube