An international standard on consumer product safety could have a major and positive effect on New Zealand suppliers, products, and consumers. Standards New Zealand is most keen to hear what your views are on adopting this standard for use here.

Standards New Zealand has set up a committee to look at adopting the international standard ISO 10377:2013 Consumer product safety – Guidelines for suppliers. This means that, if adopted, the standard could be applied in New Zealand. The standard follows international best practice guidance for suppliers to produce safer consumer products and thereby reduce product safety risks to consumers. It also reduces risks to suppliers of product recalls, and provides consumers with information to make informed choices on the safe use and disposal of consumer products.

The committee has unanimously agreed that we should adopt the standard. As always with an adoption or development of a standard though, there is a need to hear from others who are in the sector or industry to which the standard relates on what they think.

There is more on the draft standard on the Standards New Zealand website(external link) and all comments received will be considered by the development committee. Your input is most welcomed.