Consumer Protection is proud to be a partner in the inaugural NZ International Fraud Film Festival, an event designed to bring the issue of fraud alive in the New Zealand context.

The festival is timed to coincide withFraud Awareness Week and will open on Friday 18 November in the Auckland’s Q Theatre.

The Fraud Film Festival will deliver two full days of films and documentaries followed by live panel discussions about fraud, and its prevention. The aim of the festival is to increase awareness about fraud and how industry and the public can contribute to the fight to prevent it.

Ian Tuke, Fraud Film Festival Chair said: “Fraud in New Zealand can occur on a large or small scale. Ultimately it harms the victims and our economy, impacting livelihoods and reducing trust. This festival is the product of a diverse group of private and public sector partners who have worked together to bring this fantastic initiative to New Zealand to create a forum for debate around how we can collectively counter fraud.”

To demonstrate the far-reaching impacts of fraud and the various guises it comes in, the festival is focusing on a variety of themes.  These include cybercrime, dishonesty, investigative journalism and corruption – including in sports.

The Fraud Film Festival programme will include “Deep Web” a movie about the vast, unseen area of cyberspace notorious for criminal activity, ”The Captain and the Bookmaker” a documentary on South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje’s on-field fraud prompted by bookmakers,  and the ultimate irony, “Chancers”, where film making is used to evade tax.

Many of the films will be followed by a panel discussion with insights from a range of expert speakers and lively debate encouraged. The festival will host the counter-fraud industry on the Friday with all sessions open to the public on Saturday 19 November.

An Anti-Fraud Award will also be awarded on the evening of day one. This award will recognise an individual or organisation that distinguishes itself in the fight against fraud – nominations can be made on the Fraud Film Festival website.

Go to link) to see more information about the festival.