We’ve received reports from business owners who have received emails from a sender claiming to be “Consumer Affairs”.

Emails come from compt.dept.sr@outlook saying they work on behalf of Consumer Affairs and the company they work for has a complaint lodged against the business. There is a link in the email to go through to the complaint file.

The Consumer Protection team at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, (which was originally established from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs) advises not to click on any suspicious links from unknown email addresses.

If you receive an email from someone you don't know that directs you to a website, it may be a scam. When you click on the link, it may install malware software on your computer.

Don’t click on any links or attachments from unknown senders.

If you receive this email, report it to Netsafe via our Scamwatch website.

How to spot a fake email:

  • There is a name of a business or organisation that doesn’t exist or it looks similar to existing one
  • The sender’s email address is different than the organisation’s official email address
  • The email requires you to take urgent action
  • The email contains links or attachments to fake websites