If you’ve suffered damage to your home, land or contents in the recent earthquakes, you may be able to lodge a claim with the Earthquake Commission under EQCover. Here are some things you’ll want to get on to as soon as possible.

Carry out urgent repairs

Carry out emergency repairs to make sure your home is safe, sanitary, secure and weather-tight. However, you should only attempt repairs if it’s safe to do so.

Under EQC cover, you need to take reasonable steps to minimise damage following a natural disaster, such as turning off water or gas if it may be leaking, or boarding up broken windows. If possible, take photos of any damage before moving or repairing anything, and remember to keep receipts and invoices associated with any repairs.

Don’t start permanent repairs until your EQC claim has been settled.

Clean up

If you’re staying in your home, you'll probably want to clean up spillages and breakages straight away. To help the EQC assessor estimate your damage later on, try to:

  • take photographs of the damage before you start cleaning up
  • keep all your damaged goods and parts, except for perishable items (such as food from a broken freezer or that has been spilt)
  • make a list of your perishables – and take photos – before you dispose of them.

Make sure you dispose of perishable items safely.

Lodge a claim

You have three months to lodge a claim with EQC for damage caused by an earthquake, from the date your home, contents or land were damaged.

You can contact EQC online, via email or phone:

If you lodge a claim, you’ll need your private home and/or contents policy, so it will help speed things up if you have them handy.

More information

Earthquake Commission – Claims(external link)