The New Zealand Consumer Survey is conducted every two years by Consumer Protection, part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The 2018 survey was responded to by nearly 2,600 adult consumers to find out what they know about their rights and their experiences of dealing with problems.

Key findings:

  • Nearly all consumers were aware that laws exist to protect their consumer rights, yet more than half of consumers report knowing only ‘a little’ or nothing about what these rights are
  • Just over half of consumers experienced a problem with something they had purchased in the past two years.

Looking at the problem and its impact on consumers’ everyday life the survey found that:

  • Telecommunications services followed by building repairs, renovations or maintenance on home were found to have the highest incidence of perceived problems for consumers
  • Problems with motor vehicle sales were reported to have the most severe impact on consumers’ everyday life
  • Consumers were least likely to take action and try to resolve motor vehicle repair problems
  • Insurance problems took consumers the longest to try and resolve, and
  • Consumers were least likely to reach a satisfactory resolution with travel/holiday services problems.

For more information:

New Zealand Consumer Survey 2018 report(external link)  — MBIE website