Buying a car is a big investment, so it's worth taking time to do your research and know your rights.

Your rights depend on:

  • whether you are buying a new or used vehicle
  • whether you bought it from a dealer or privately
  • what you are going to use the vehicle for, eg personal or business use
  • what sort of vehicle it is, ie commercial, industrial or domestic.

You may have remedies under the Consumer Guarantees Act and other consumer laws for new or used vehicles if a dealer supplied you with the vehicle, and it was for personal, domestic or household use (consumer products or services). However, that’s only if the dealer did not meet certain consumer guarantees or promises

  • Buying a car privately

    What you need to know before you buy a used car privately.
  • Solving issues with your private vehicle seller

    How to use your rights to solve issues such as faulty vehicles, misleading statements, money owing on the vehicle.
  • Buying a car from a dealer

    What you need to know before you buy a vehicle from a registered motor vehicle trader (dealer).
  • Solving issues with your car dealer

    Your rights if you have problems with a vehicle bought from a registered motor vehicle trader (dealer).
  • Renting cars, taxis and ridesharing services

    What to check before you hire a rental car, and what to do if you have problems with your rental car. Also, your rights with taxis and ridesharing services.
  • Parking, towing and clamping

    Your rights with tickets, clamping and towing when you park unlawfully or for too long. These rights depend on whether you’ve parked on public or private land.
  • Car finance and insurance

    What you need to know about getting a loan to buy a motor vehicle, and your rights if you have problems with your finance company.
  • Moving and transporting goods

    Your rights and common problems if you use a carrier to move and transport products or get a business to send or deliver products for you.
  • Fuel quality

    The legal requirements for fuel quality, and your rights when buying fuel such as diesel or petrol.