Make sure you are getting the most suitable product or service that will meet your needs especially if it costs a lot of money.

You have the following consumer rights when buying products or services:

  • to ask for what you want and think about what you need a product or service to do
  • to take your time with any decision to buy a product or enter into a contract for a service
  • to ask as many questions as you need to, do some research and look at product reviews online
  • shop around and compare deals and ask for a better price if you have seen it somewhere else for cheaper
  • to be treated fairly and given all the relevant and correct information about the product/service
  • say no- you don’t have to agree to anything on the spot
  • to ask for a receipt for every purchase or payment and your copy of any contract. Read it carefully before you sign anything
  • to ask for a repair, replacement or refund if something you have paid for isn’t right.

If you are not sure, get some advice from someone you trust or a community group for help or advice. Remember to keep the paperwork-receipts, warranties, any invoices or contracts.

Every time you buy a product or service you are entering into a contract. For more information about your legal rights with contracts please also read Contracts, quotes and estimates. Otherwise your legal rights vary depending on how you shop and pay for products or services.