Report a scam for access to specialist advice and to prevent other people being caught out by scams.

Report to Netsafe

Report a scam you have noticed or been affected by. Netsafe takes reports of all scams — whether or not they happen online.

Report a scam(external link) — Netsafe

You can report any other cyber security issue to CERT NZ. They can help to identify the issue and give you advice about next steps.

Report a cyber security issue(external link) — CERT NZ

Reporting is worthwhile

Scams have a big impact on New Zealanders each year. They affect people’s finances and can also threaten personal privacy, relationships and confidence.

Last year Netsafe received reports totalling $33M lost from online scams and fraud.

You can build New Zealand’s resilience by reporting scams.

Read more about what to do if you are being scammed

Read more about recent scams(external link)

What happens when you report a scam

Reporting a scam gives you access to specialist advice and can help other people stay safe. You can report a scam whether or not you have been caught by it.

Reports build a dashboard of information which helps to track trends in scams. This tracking is used to create effective public awareness warnings. It helps enforcers and educators decide the best way to use their resources.

Find out more about what happens when you report a scam using this guide.

What happens when I report a scam visual guide

Download guide: How scams are tracked [PDF, 300 KB]