Larson: 14, 15, new record!

Officer: Fools

Chief: Settle down, settle down. Compose yourself Smith, you look unwell. Sanders, what's happening across town?

Sanders: We've had 400 unexpected cases this week.

We've had phone calls emails through here. We've had door knocking through here.

It's all centring a big spike right here.

Chief: I think you are getting a sense of things. Smith, Larson, I need updates. How'd the bust go?

Larson: "Operation Hoover" Ma'am, mission accomplished.

We staked it out in the morning and saw the deal go down.

Scammer: Hi!

Smith: He had the whole offer down pat.

The top-of-the-line vacuum cleaner, deal of a lifetime.

Chief: And how did the undercover do?

Larson: She played her role quite well Ma'am and we got to say...

The scammer looked legitimate; he had the uniform, the ID.

Chief: And you got it all on tape?

Smith: Hidden camera Ma'am it's all on record.

Smith: It was the perfect scam Ma'am.

Larson: Until we busted him.

Chief: Well done team. Now, a good scam is?

Officer: Unexpected Ma'am.

Chief: Smith?

Smith: Too good to be true Ma'am.

Chief: Finally, Larson...

Larson: Looks legit ma'am.

Chief: Now get out there and bust some scams!


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