Help a friend or family member to recognise a scam.

Steps to understand what’s happening

Scams are usually carefully planned by the people who run them. A person caught in a scam could be unaware of what’s happening, even as they continue to give money to a scammer who is tricking them.

It can be difficult to recognise or understand it’s a scam when you’ve been promised an opportunity that could improve your life.

If someone you know is caught in a scam, use this worksheet to help them understand it and take action. The worksheet takes you through steps to confirm the scam and advice on what to do next.

If you have noticed or been caught in a scam, report it to Netsafe.

Report a scam

Scams are complicated, connected and avoidable

Being scammed can be an isolating experience. It’s good to remember that scams succeed because they look like the real thing.

How to identify a scam