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Scammers are using COVID-19 as a front for scams

This page provides more on how to stay safe from scams in general so you know what to look out for. 

The COVID19.govt.nz website has some helpful links to other government resources to help you recognise and stay safe from scams. 

Misinformation and scams(external link) — Unite against COVID-19

Many New Zealanders are caught in scams each year.

Scams usually target money but they can also affect a person’s relationships, self-confidence, online security and privacy.

Find out about steps you can take to protect your money and personal information.

Top tips to protect against scams

Watch this for advice on ways you can keep yourself safe from scams.


Man and woman in a living room. A woman is doing; a man is sitting on an armchair with a laptop on his knees. Chill out music in the background.

Man: Hey, babe. Check out this e-mail. I've just won a car, ha ha. I can't believe it.

Woman: Really?

Man: Yeah, looks legit. Party music playing

Woman: Are you sure about that?

A man hiding behind the armchair appears.

Tip man: Woah, woah, wait a second! Music stops playing.

This is a classic scam scenario. If something sounds too good to be true it's a good chance there's.

So, tip number one for staying safe from scams is: Be suspicious

Chill out music plays again

Woman: I'd double-check that if I were you, Daryl.

Man: Yeah, good thinking.


A sales man is in an elderly woman’s house. Both are standing. Quiet music is playing in a background.

Man: Yes, ma'am. This will be worth your while. This power special is the deal of a lifetime.

Woman: Ah, will it be right for me?

Man: You won't regret this. Now all you have to do is sign here.

Woman: What's it all about?

Man: Oh this, this is all just technical stuff. No one cares about that.

Woman: But I would say the holiday looks lovely

Music stops playing. The tip man appears again.

Tip man: Wait right there. Don't get taken for a ride. Tip number two when it comes to scams is: Don't engage even if it means being impolite.

Music starts playing again.

Tips man: Go get him, Granny.


A man is sitting with his laptop on a couch. A warning sound starts flashing. He closes his laptop.

His mobile phone rings.

Sam: Hello?

Woman: Hi, is that Sam?

Sam: Yes this is Sam.

Woman: Hi, you seem having some trouble with your computer and I can help you with that. We just need your login and password.

Sam: Ah, ok.

Woman: We also just need your credit card number and we'll have you up and running in no time.

Sam: Yeah, sure. It's ehm 4455...

The tip man rides into view on a chair.

Tip man: Hang on a second. If you're in a fishy situation there's a good chance someone else has been, too. Scam tip number three is: Do your research.

Sam: Exactly who am I talking to?


Tip man: Just remember if you're ever in a scenario where you're telling yourself wait a sec...

Wait a sec!

Be suspicious.

Don't engage.

And do your research.

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