Consumer Information Standards ensure that specific information is provided to consumers about certain products and services.

Disclosure of information to a specified standard

Consumer Information Standards (CIS) are created in accordance with the Fair Trading Act. A CIS may require certain information to be disclosed. This includes the kind, grade, quantity, origin or supply of products or services.

A CIS can also specify:

  • how this information must be obtained or verified before it is disclosed, and
  • the way in which that information is disclosed.

There are five CIS currently in place:

Who must comply?

Any person who supplies, or offers or advertises to supply, products or services that a CIS applies to must comply with that standard. If there are two or more Consumer Information Standards in relation to those products or services, then they must comply with at least one of those Standards.

These requirements don’t apply to products that are intended for use outside NZ if a statement is applied that the products:

  • for export only
  • are intended to be used outside NZ.

‘Applied’ includes woven in, worked into or fixed to products as well as applied to a covering or a label.

How are they made?

Before introducing a CIS the Minister must:

  • consult with all parties that the Minister believes will be substantially affected by the CIS and
  • must consider those parties’ comments.

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