Guidance for consumers on Cyclone Gabrielle

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How to apply to be a consumer representative, and what information we need from you.

Becoming a consumer representative – the basics

If you're interested in being considered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) for consideration as a consumer representative to a board or committee, see our current board vacancies(external link) .
If you would like to be considered for future positions on boards that MBIE administers, you can enter your details in the Treasury Board Appointments Register(external link) .

Writing your CV

A CV for a position as a consumer representative needs to provide the following details:

A description of your experience as a consumer/consumer representative

Use the description of the desirable qualities of an effective consumer representative as a starting point for describing your own experience. Rather than use it as a tick list, refer to the statements in order to give an overall description of your qualifications to be a consumer representative.

Describe your experience working with consumers by identifying:

  • what you did
  • who worked with you
  • when it happened
  • what your goal was
  • what you achieved (or what you have achieved so far if it is ongoing).

Some examples may include: you might have been in a group of people who decided to bring an issue to the government’s attention; you might have been the prime mover in setting up a service; you might continuously help people who have particular problems; you might have taken the initiative to make some change in the way things are done in your organisation.

An example of the level of information you should include in your final CV:

Since 2010
Have regular shifts at the local Women’s Refuge, answering the telephone and responding to the needs of women who call and who are in the Refuge.

Worked as one of a group of 3 who recorded the emotional poverty experienced by children of the Mongrel Mob.

This entailed the interview of teachers, parents of the children who made themselves available, and the children themselves. The information was then assembled into a report which was sent to the Ministry of Social Development. We then met with officials and talked them through the report. We also met with Ministers, and did a number of radio interviews on national and local media.

Initiated a campaign to convince the Minister of Education that a historic school should remain. This entailed identifying a group of like-minded people to support me, building a reasoned case, presenting the case to officials, local MPs and then the Minister.

A description of the consumer constituency(s) you can represent

The consumer constituency you represent is the group(s) of people you have worked with and whose lives you have shared and understand. For example, women and children who are disadvantaged by being associated with violence, and who find themselves in very difficult circumstances and a cross section of people who are interested in protecting New Zealand’s history.


Name people who were involved in these experiences with you and who can talk about your personal attributes and the way you achieved the outcomes. For example, your referee may be asked if you are good at working as a member of a group, can you express yourself clearly, do those you represent trust you to represent them, are your judgements about people and situations good?